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Thomas Edison's Stock Ticker Tape Machine
Thomas Edison's Stock Ticker Tape Machine


Thomas Edison's Stock Ticker Tape Machine

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Thomas Edison was an American inventor who created the motion picture camera, the phonograph and most famously, the light bulb.

One of the most prolific inventors in history, Edison held 1,093 US patents in his name as well as patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

His first patented invention was created in 1868. It was an Electrical Vote Recorder. The invention was too technically advanced for many people and was heavily criticised by politicians. From this, Edison learned to only invent items for which there was a demand and a market.

In 1869, Edison arrived in New York City completely penniless and in debt. He managed to find work in the operating room of the Gold & Stock Telegraph Company. One day, the company's ticker equipment broke down and nobody was able to fix it except for Edison. He was promoted to superintendent with an impressive monthly wage of $300.

Edison formed a partnership with telegraph engineer Franklin L. Pope in 1869 and together they radically improved stock tickers and patented several related inventions including the Unison Device and the Universal Stock Ticker.

At the age of 22 Edison developed this 19th Century Edison Stock Ticker Tape Machine. It is engraved "M'F'D. BY T.A. EDISON. INC."

It features a lacquered brass frame, telegraph mechanise, twin alpha-numeric rollers and a tape feed with an escapement mechanism. It has a cast iron base which is 7" in diameter with an 8¼" high glass dome.

A brass plaque attached to the base reads "Edison Stock Ticker This authentic old self winding stock ticker was designed by Thomas A. Edison in 1870. It was used for about eighty years for receiving stock and commodity quotations from the Nations' leading exchanges".

This incredibly rare piece is accompanied by detailed research material.

In excellent condition, this is a superb display piece, and one of the earliest inventions from one of the most important inventors in history.

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Sold: £29,950.00

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