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Art & Photography

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  • Original Ralph Steadman artwork
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    Original Ralph Steadman artwork


    A fine pen drawing of Charlie Chaplin by Ralph Steadman

    For Sale: £2,500

    Ralph Steadman (1936 - ) is a British artist & cartoonist best known for his work with American author Hunter S Thompson, illustrating both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Loathing on the Campaign trail '72.

    Their 40 year friendship included coverage of the Watergate Scandals and numerous articles in Rolling Stone magazine for which Steadman still holds the position of Gardening Correspondent.

    Through his relationship with Thompson, Steadman has become a hero of America's counter culture and a godfather of 'Gonzo' journalism, making their readers look at the world through the same "skewed, booze sodden, drug-addled prism"

    Steadman has also illustrated classics such as Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland (for which he won the Francis Williams Illustration Award) and Robert Lewis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

    He is also a prolific artist who has produced thousands of groundbreaking and influential artworks over his 40 year career.

    This 18½ x 11cm white card features an original pen drawing of Charlie Chaplin by Ralph Steadman. Steadman has signed and dated the piece "2009". The piece is quintessentially Steadman with long sharp pen strokes.

    Why Chaplin? In 1999 Steadman was commissioned by the Royal Mail to produce a design for a 64p Charlie Chaplin postage stamp for a series of stamps titled 'Entertainers'. Others in the series included a 19p featuring Freddie Mercury by Peter Blake a 26p featuring Bobby Moore by M White, and a 44p Dalek (Doctor Who) by Lord Snowden.

    Steadman's works are increasingly popular with collectors. A limited edition print, one of 65, sold for $4,000 way back in 2004. 11 years on we are asking just £2,500 ($3,875) for this ORIGINAL artwork.

    A great opportunity for a fan of Gonzo journalism, an art collector, or a postage stamp collector. It would make your collection unique!

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  • Original Upsy Daisy drawing signed by Derek Jacobi
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Original Upsy Daisy drawing signed by Derek Jacobi


    Upsy Daisy original drawing signed by Derek Jacobi

    For Sale: £250

    In the Night Garden is a BBC childrens show that is shown in 35 countries around the world and has a string of merchandise attached. The show has been described as the BBC's "biggest brand".

    The programme, first shown in 2007, focuses on four main characters including Upsy Daisy who has multi-coloured hair and a tendency to kiss things.

    In the Night Garden is narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi, the famous stage actor who has twice been the recipient of a Laurence Olivier Award.

    This 21cm x 29½cm thick white card features a hand drawing of the Upsy Daisy character and has been signed at the bottom right "With Love Derek Jacobi".

    If this description makes absolutely no sense at all then this item isn't for you!

    If you've seen your children's happy faces whilst watching In the Night Garden then you'll know this is £250 very well spent!

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  • Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch


    Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch

    For Sale: £1,950.00

    • Autograph from Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood
    • Added self-portrait caricature from the well-known artist

    Ronnie Wood (1947- ) is an English rock musician best known for being a member of The Rolling Stones. He is also a former member of The Jeff Beck Group, The Birds and Faces. As well as being an established musician, Wood is also a renowned artist.

    Having trained at the Ealing Art College, he has continued to produce art and exhibit around the world alongside his career with the Stones. He is the co-owner of London art gallery, Scream.

    This magnificent original sketch is thought to be a self-caricature of the rock star. A superb piece of music memorabilia and testament to Wood's creative talent.

    Measuring 7½" x 10", the piece is in excellent condition and bears Wood's autograph clearly beneath the sketch.
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  • Salvador Dali signed drawing
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Salvador Dali signed drawing


    Fantastic signed Dali drawing of a dragon

    For Sale: £25,000

    Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist painter best known for his bizarre artworks.

    He is widely considered to be one of the leaders of the Surrealist Movement and his work The Persistence of Memory (1931), which shows soft, melting pocket watches on a beach, is one of the most recognisable surrealist paintings around. Dali regularly dabbled in other forms of art besides painting.

    He created many surrealist sculptures including Lobster Telephone, which consists of a plastic telephone with a plastic lobster attached to the handset.

    During his lifetime, Dali also expressed his artistic talent through film, photography and fashion.

    Dali bacame the most expensive Surrealist artist at auction when his 1929 portrait of poet Paul Eluard sold for £13½m in 2011.


    A large Salvador Dali drawing of a fire breathing dragon in orange crayon, accompanied by Dali's bold signature, dated 1968, and dedication 'Pour David', drawn in an Air France menu.

    The menu measures approximately 11x17 inches (28x43cm). The drawing, measuring approximately 5½x8 inches (14cmx20cm), is elaborate with great detail. One can only assume it was a good 15-20 minutes in the making, far superior to a 'normal' sketch.

    The Air France menu is for a private charter for the 'Far West Ski Association' on April 30, 1968, for a flight between Geneva-Montreal-Los Angeles.

    Founded in 1930, the Far West Ski Association (FWSA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization with emphasis on skier safety, ski travel, ski area development, communications, club programs and family ski involvement. The FWSA organised annual European ski trips for members in the 1960s.

    This is only the second Dali drawing that we have had the pleasure of offering. The previous item was a small Dali pencil drawing that achieved £18,000 in 2012.

    A major rarity.

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  • Stuart Sutcliffe Original Drawings
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Stuart Sutcliffe Original Drawings


    Sold out

    • Original double-sided sheet of sketches from Stuart Sutcliffe - the original Beatles bassist

    Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962), often referred to as "The Fifth Beatle" (among others) was the original bassist for The Beatles. As the band played in Hamburg, he famously met the noted photographer Astrid Kirchherr, and dediced to enroll in the Hamburg College of Art, quitting the band to pursue a career as an artist.

    While studying in Hamburg, Sutcliffe began experienceing sever headaches, and in 1962 he tragically died from an aneurysm.

    These original unsigned sketches by Sutcliffe occupy an 8" x 10.5" sheet from a sketchbook. There are four separate images in total covering both sides of an off white page.

    The beautiful drawings, which are in fine condition, come with a letter of provenance which states how the sketchbook was the property of the Sutcliffe estate until it was sold in 2003 at a Bonhams auction.

    A wonderful piece from the artist, suggesting that his career as an artist may have been as successful as The Beatles' as musicians.


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