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  • James Dean Signed Photograph
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    James Dean Signed Photograph


    James Dean Signed Photograph

    For Sale: £18,500

    Cultural icon James Dean starred in many films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Giant and East of Eden.

    The combination of his talent, good looks and tragic death at the tender age of 24 has cemented his legendary status.

    This vintage, glossy, black and white photo shows James Dean sitting on a stool with one hand on his temple. Dean has autographed the photo, which measures 6.5" x 8.25", in blue fountain pen ink, adding the note "To Hana, my very best from (the thinker), James Dean".
    "The thinker" appears to be a reference to Auguste Rodin's sculpture of the same name which depicts a man sitting in a thoughtful pose, with his hand resting on his chin.
    This autographed photograph has some slight creasing and mounting remnants to the reverse but is otherwise in very good condition. It is professionally mounted, framed and glazed using UV glass.
    The PFC40 Autograph Index shows that signed photographs of Dean have increased in value by 681.3% since 2000 and by 7.0% in the last year alone.

    A rare opportunity to own a beautiful signed photograph of the Hollywood legend.


  • Lady Gaga Manifesto of Little Monsters mask
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Lady Gaga Manifesto of Little Monsters mask


    Lady Gaga Manifesto of Little Monsters mask

    For Sale: £6,950

    Lady Gaga (1986- ) is an American recording artist, activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, philanthropist, and actress who has sold over 125 million singles worldwide.

    Gaga worn items are exceptionally rare on the collectors market. In a Harper's Bazaar interview in February 2014 Gaga explained:

    "The fashion I've acquired over the years is so sacred to me -- from costumes to couture, high fashion to punk wear I've collected from my secret international hot spots...I keep everything in an enormous archive in Hollywood."

    This is Lady Gaga's mask worn in her 'Manifesto of Little Monsters' short film from her Monster's Ball Tour. The mask was made by the celebrated Franc Fernandez who also designed Gaga's infamous meat costume that she wore to the 2010 MTV Awards.

    In very good condition. A UNIQUE piece of Lady Gaga music memorabilia. Check out the video below: 1'14" in.

  • Mahatma Gandhi's personal food bowl, fork and spoons
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Mahatma Gandhi's personal food bowl, fork and spoons


    Mahatma Gandhi's personal metal food bowl, wooden fork and spoons

    For Sale: £75,000

    • Historically important metal food bowl, two wooden spoons and a wooden fork owned by Mahatma Gandhi, "Father of the Nation"
    • Used during his incarceration at Aga Kahn Palace in Pune, as well as at Palm Bun house, Juhu Beach, Mumbai
    • Provenance from shipping magnate Sumati Morajee, owner of Palm Bun house, who cared for Gandhi while there

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948), commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu (Father of Nation), was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing non-violent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights, and freedom across the world.

    Gandhi is known in India as the Father of the Nation; his birthday, 2 October, is commemorated there as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, and world-wide as the International Day of Non-Violence.

    His philosophy was not theoretical but one of pragmatism, that is, practicing his principles in the moment. Asked to give a message to the people, he would respond, "My life is my message".

    Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January 1948 while he was walking to a platform from which he was to address a prayer meeting.

    Without doubt one of the most historically important collections we have ever had the pleasure of offering

    A collection of eating utensils, comprising a metal food bowl, a simple wooden fork and two wooden spoons belonging to Mahatma Gandhi.

    The food bowl measures approximately 2½" high by 8" in diameter and carries the stamped numbers to its base '208/42'. The spoons and fork are approximately 6½" in length. All items are in good condition.

    The items belonged to Gandhi and were used by him at the 'Palm-Bun' house, owned by shipping magnate Sumati Morarjee, at Juhu Beach, Bombay (Mumbai).

    According to Morarjee family lore the utensils were used by Gandhi during his incarceration at the Aga Khan's palace in Pune from 9 August 1942 to 6 May 1944, and then taken to their home at Juhu Beach.

    Gandhi first visited the 'Palm-Bun' house in 1915 after his return from South Africa. He also spent extended periods of time at the home, most notably in 1924 after his surgery for appendicitis and in 1944 after his release from detention at the Aga Khan's palace in Pune.

    During both extended visits Gandhi was cared for by Sumati Morarjee, a close associate of Gandhi's who was actively involved in the underground movement for Independence.

    Morarjee, is also known as the first woman of Indian shipping, and is credited to have became the first woman in the world to head an organisation of ship owners, the Indian National Steamship Owners Association. In 1971 she was awarded the second highest civilian honor of India in for her civil services.

    These items were subsequently kept by Sumati Morarjee at her home, in an unoffical museum. The items are documented in the book Sumati Morarjee Felicitation Volume (1970) and also in Vithalbhai Jhaveri's epic film biography of Gandhi.

    Provenance: The collection of Sumati Morarjee.

    An exceptional collection of Ghandi memorabilia.


  • Original Ralph Steadman artwork
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Original Ralph Steadman artwork


    A fine pen drawing of Charlie Chaplin by Ralph Steadman

    For Sale: £2,500

    Ralph Steadman (1936 - ) is a British artist & cartoonist best known for his work with American author Hunter S Thompson, illustrating both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Loathing on the Campaign trail '72.

    Their 40 year friendship included coverage of the Watergate Scandals and numerous articles in Rolling Stone magazine for which Steadman still holds the position of Gardening Correspondent.

    Through his relationship with Thompson, Steadman has become a hero of America's counter culture and a godfather of 'Gonzo' journalism, making their readers look at the world through the same "skewed, booze sodden, drug-addled prism"

    Steadman has also illustrated classics such as Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland (for which he won the Francis Williams Illustration Award) and Robert Lewis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

    He is also a prolific artist who has produced thousands of groundbreaking and influential artworks over his 40 year career.

    This 18½ x 11cm white card features an original pen drawing of Charlie Chaplin by Ralph Steadman. Steadman has signed and dated the piece "2009". The piece is quintessentially Steadman with long sharp pen strokes.

    Why Chaplin? In 1999 Steadman was commissioned by the Royal Mail to produce a design for a 64p Charlie Chaplin postage stamp for a series of stamps titled 'Entertainers'. Others in the series included a 19p featuring Freddie Mercury by Peter Blake a 26p featuring Bobby Moore by M White, and a 44p Dalek (Doctor Who) by Lord Snowden.

    Steadman's works are increasingly popular with collectors. A limited edition print, one of 65, sold for $4,000 way back in 2004. 11 years on we are asking just £2,500 ($3,875) for this ORIGINAL artwork.

    A great opportunity for a fan of Gonzo journalism, an art collector, or a postage stamp collector. It would make your collection unique!

  • The Beatles Signed A Hard Days Night Album Cover
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    The Beatles Signed A Hard Days Night Album Cover


    • One of only 8-10 known to exist according to Autograph Magazine's census
    • Signed clearly by all four members of the band beneath their portraits
    • Superb condition with only light wear to the edges and some toning

    The Beatles and their music need no introduction. As a result of their all-encompassing impact on popular music and culture, memorabilia from the band is some of the most valuable on the market.

    A Hard Day's Night, released on July 10, 1964 was the Beatles' third studio album. Accompanying the band's film of the same name, it went straight to Number One in the UK charts and stayed there for 21 weeks, spending a total of 38 weeks in the Top 20.

    A Hard Day's Night saw the Beatles move away from rock n roll covers and towards their classic pop sound. It holds a special place with fans, as it is the only Beatles album where all the songs were written by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney.


    According the Autograph Magazine's census, there are just 125 known UK-release album covers signed by all four members of The Beatles.

    Signed copies of Please Please Me and With the Beatles account for approximately 95 of the 125 known examples.

    That takes the total down to just 30.

    There are only 5 known examples of Meet the Beatles. The last copy to appear at auction sold for $115,000 in 2006.

    As for signed copies of A Hard Days Night; only 8-10 are known to exist.

    This is one of them...

    The signatures are marked in blue pen, each inscribed below the corresponding band member's photograph.

    The item is in fine condition, with some light wear to the edges.

    The album cover is to be sold framed alongside a black and white photo of the group, with a certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee.

    This is a very rare opportunity to acquire one of the rarest pieces of Beatles memorabilia.

  • Jimi Hendrix Autograph And Hand Drawn
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    Jimi Hendrix Autograph And Hand Drawn "Treasure" Map


    Sold out

    Guitarist and songwriter Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) is widely regarded to be the greatest and most influential electric guitar player in the history of popular music.

    In July 1970 Jimi Hendrix travelled to Maui, Hawaii to film Rainbow Bridge.

    Rainbow Bridge was a youth film showing life on Maui through the eyes of locals, directed by Chuck Wein. It was filmed with non-professional actors, portraying themselves as dope smugglers, priests, nuns, groupies and acid heads.

    Recognising numerous problems during fliming, producer Michael Jeffrey brought Jimi Hendrix to Hawaii to film an outdoor concert on July 30, 1970, to try and rescue his $450,000 investment in Rainbow Bridge.

    The released film shows 17 minutes of Jimi's concert. It was his 2nd last concert in the US prior to his death, and his last concert ever to be filmed. Hendrix died on September 18, 1970 aged 27.

    Whilst in Maui Jimi met a "ravishing blonde" who became his girlfriend.

    This 6" x 4½" piece of paper originates from their first meeting.
    An obviously smitten Jimi Hendrix has drawn directions to the house where he was staying, marked with an 'X'.

    On the reverse he has written his home and office addresses in New York with phonenumber, and added the signature 'Jimi H'

    The item is accompanied by a letter of provenance from the current owner detailing how he obtained it from "the ravishing blonde" and how she was supposed to meet Jimi in New York and travel with him to London, where he tragically died 2 months later.

    The paper has the normal archive folding but is in otherwise good condition.

    A fantastic piece of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia.

    Jimi's album Rainbow Bridge was his 2nd posthumous album release. The album was recorded between 1969-1970 after the break up of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

  • The Trafalgar Collection of historical Lord Nelson & HMS Victory artefacts
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    The Trafalgar Collection is a unique limited edition* collection of Lord Nelson and HMS Victory historical artefacts that has taken over 25 years to assemble.


    This remarkable collection contains:


    1. A small piece of original wood from HMS Victory. This wood was salvaged during her restoration with a royalty paid to the 'Save the Victory Fund' which was set up in 1922. The wood's provenance is authenticated by Lt. Cmdr. John Scivier RN, Commanding Officer, HMS Victory.


    2. A small piece of white ensign flag from HMS Victory understood to have formed part of the catafalque at Lord Nelson's funeral procession. The flag has been authenticated by C.Wesley Cowan, an expert on the US Antiques Roadshow, who states "it is in my opinion that this flag is 100% authentic and beyond dispute".


    3. A strand of Lord Nelson's hair. The hair has been acquired from British Naval Auction experts Charles Miller Ltd Auctions in London, United Kingdom with the following description:


    "A generous curl of typically fine pale hair... conforms very closely to other known hair examples of Lord Nelson's late-period hair. It is well recorded that Emma Hamilton was given Nelson's hair among other things".


    4. A piece of Lord Nelson's handkerchief. Acquired from International Autograph Auctions with the following provenance:


    "Accompanied by provenance signed by Clarissa Catherine Board stating "This handkerchief formerly belonged to Lord Nelson and was given by John Braham to John Dickinson, Solicitor of Broad Street, City in the year 1828"".


    John Braham (c1774-1856) was an English tenor, one of Europe's leading opera singers. Lord Nelson was present at a performance by the singer at Livorno, Italy in 1799.


    The collection is beautifully framed and double mounted to a size of 19" x 16", and includes images of Lord Nelson and HMS Victory. At the base of the frame is a description of the collection and full provenance is provided within an information pack that accompanies the collection.


    * Limited Edition of 1805.



    Please contact us directly if would like to take advantage of our 3 monthly payment scheme at £665 per month. or phone +44 (0) 117 933 9500


    This item qualifies for free delivery and will be dispatched by courier service, fully insured.


  • John Lennon hair
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    John Lennon hair


    ½" strand of John Lennon's hair

    For Sale: £399

    This is the first time we have been able to offer John Lennon's hair for sale. We believe this is the first time strands have ever become available for sale to the public.

    We are offering a single ½" strand of John Lennon's hair trimmed in Preparation for Filming of How I Won the War along with a photocopy of Lennon's Signed Call Sheet and Certificate of Authenticity from Heritage Auctions.

    The hair originates from a $35,000 clump of hair sold by Heritage in March 2016 (Image of the total clump of hair can be seen to the left

    The hair was originally obtained directly from John Lennon's Hairdresser Klaus Baruck, who trimmed Lennon's famous hair in Hamburg, Germany, just before Lennon's starring role as Gripweed in Richard Lester's dark comedy about a fictional British army troop and their misadventures in World War II.

    Included is a photocopy of the original one-page 8.5" x 11" mimeographed page titled "Petersham Films Limited/ Call Sheet No.13" which is dated September 6, 1966, and bears an interesting blue ink signature: " John Lennon/ oh yes".

    John Lennon started wearing the round glasses for this role; he continued wearing the same style for the rest of his life.

    The hair can be dated to a specific time and location and has been in the collection of the original owner for nearly 50 years.

    This haircut took place just a month after the release of the legendary Revolver album. 

    The hair is presented on a display sheet ready for framing.


  • A magnificent mint block of 12 Penny Blacks
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    Paul fraser collectibles

    A magnificent mint block of 12 Penny Blacks


    Penny Black mint block of 12

    For Sale: £675,000

    • A mint block of 12 1840 1d. Penny Blacks from Plate 3
    • Largest known multiple from Plat
    • e 3 in private hands
    • Accompanied by a 2012 British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate
    • Provenance from the esteemed Chartwell Collection

    One of the crown jewels of Great Britain philately.

    1840 1d Black Pl.3. The magnificent unused original gum, bottom marginal block of twelve. Lettered SD-TI, with full deckle edge selvedge and sheet inscription.


    Vertical creasing in "D" and "I" columns does not detract from this being one of the great mint multiples of this issue - the largest surviving multiple of this rare plate in private hands. Showing four good margins, with rare full selvedge and sheet inscription.


    A magnificent showpiece accompanied by a 2012 British Philatelic Association Certificate of Authenticity. Provenance from the prestigious Chartwell Collection.

    This is an extremely rare opportunity to own a sizable, mint condition multiple from the original stamp issue, which continues to be one of the most widely collected in the world,.

    Plate 3

    Plate 3 was the first to be hardened before being put into press, resulting in stamps that were notably stable in printing, even in colour and showing the deepest shades of black.

    Providing some of the finest stamps of the issue, it soon became worn and was the first plate of the issue to be destroyed. As such, good quality stamps from this plate are a rarity.